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Since its beginning at 2015, DigiExplosur has been a market leader in Best Google Ads services in India. Our team of highly experienced specialists in the field of digital marketing provides the most efficient and best Google Ads services in India provides with proven strategies and techniques that produce impressive results.

Google Ads Work

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) business model. This means that advertisers use Google to target a certain keyword and place bids against other advertisers who are using the same phrase. Your bids are “maximum bids,” or the most amount you’re willing to spend on an advertisement.

Also you can earn money from publishers can get money from their online content with Google AdSense. Based on your site’s traffic and content, AdSense matches relevant adverts with your website. Advertisers who want to market their products fund and commission the creation of the advertisements.

Importance Of Google Ads

With online advertising, you may target the people who are most likely to be interested in your goods and services while excluding the others. Additionally, you may keep tabs on who clicked on your advertising among them. Additionally, online advertising enables you to connect with potential clients while they utilise a variety of gadgets, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Google Ads are many benefits such as – 

  1. Target your ads 
  2. Control your costs 
  3. Measure your success 
  4. Manage your campaigns and many more. 

DigiExplosur is the top Google Ads services company in India and can offer you a variety of digital marketing services if you’re seeking for the best Google Ads company.

Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on your sector and where you are running your ads, your conversion rate objectives will change.
The average landing page conversion rate across all industries, according to DigiExplosur, is 2.35%. The average, however, for your particular industry could be higher or lower than this benchmark value.

Millions of websites make up the Google Display Network (GDN), where your adverts may show. There are apps and movies on the GDN as well. The GDN sites reportedly reach over 90% of all Internet users worldwide, according to DigiExplosur.

You can set up your Google Ads campaigns to spend their money on specific days and times of the week. This implies that your advertisement won’t run on days or at times that aren’t specified in the timetable.

You might not always want your adverts to appear for certain keywords. You wouldn’t want to pay to appear in searches connected to residential house searches, for instance, if your business is solely focused on commercial real estate. Although they both deal with real estate, the clientele is very different. Negative keywords play a role in this.
You may specify negative keywords in Google Advertisements to stop your ads from showing up on searches for particular terms or phrases. Negative keywords, according to best Google ads company in India DigiExplosur, also reduce the likelihood that your display advertisement will appear on websites that use the negative keyword.